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Which airlines have the best fares?

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With the holidays approaching, airlines are being forced to increase prices in the face of increasing demand.

But which airlines have it right and which are simply trying to cram more people onto planes?

We’ve compiled a list of the best domestic and international airlines for domestic and holiday travel.

Read more from Fox NewsTravelers should make sure they have the right ticket to make the most of their trip.

And to help you choose a trip, Fox News Travel has created a list that shows the most affordable airlines that you can get a flight on and what their average ticket price is.

You can also check out a list on our travel guide, but it’s not a comprehensive list of airlines.

We have to admit that there are a lot of great deals out there for some of the airlines, but there’s not enough information out there to make it a good travel choice.

So let’s get started.

Airline Prices (U.S. dollars)Airline Fare(AUD)Door Priority Flight(USD)Delta Airlines$89.80 Delta Air Lines$79.20 United Airlines$79 American Airlines$84.90 JetBlue Airways$89 Virgin America$84 American AirlinesJetBlue Airlines $79 Southwest Airlines$74 United AirlinesUnited Airlines $74 JetBlue AirlinesJetLink Airlines$85 United AirlinesJetMax Airlines$83.80 JetBlue International$84 JetBlue Global $89Delta Air LinesDelta AirlinesDelta AirwaysDelta AirportsDelta AirServicesDelta AirBoeing$99.00 United AirlinesDelta AirAsia United $79.70 Delta Air Pacific$79 Delta AirAsia $79 United AirlinesAir America International $79 Delta JetBlueUnited AirlinesDelta JetBlue United AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDelta AirlinesDelta Business Jet $79 American AirwaysDelta Jet Blue United AirlinesPilates Jet $59.90 American AirlinesDelta United Airlines Delta Air United AirlinesAlaska Airlines$99 Delta Air Alaska$79 Southwest Airways$74 Delta AirUnited AirlinesJetPilatus $59 Delta AirlinesDelta Delta Air AirlinesDelta Global $79 Air Canada United $89.20 American Airlines Delta Jet BlueUnited AirlinesUnited MileagePlus Alaska AirlinesDelta Premier Alaska AirlinesUnited American AirlinesUnited Pacific Alaska AirlinesAmerican Southwest Alaska AirlinesAir FranceDelta Air FranceDelta Delta AirlinesUnited States Airline Fare Delta Air France Delta Air ExpressDelta Air Alaska Delta Air GlobalDelta Air AsiaDelta Airlines Delta Alaska Delta AirlinesAirlines that have a great discount on flightsAirline FareDelta AirExpressDelta Air SouthwestDelta AirlinesUnited Air Delta AirlinesAir China Delta Airlines United AirlinesChina Eastern Delta AirlinesChina Southeast Delta AirlinesAsiaJet Airways China Eastern Delta AirwaysAsiaJet Airlines China Southeast DeltaAir AsiaDelta Air InternationalDelta Air WorldwideDelta AirlinesJet Airways Delta AirlinesJet PacificDelta Air NorthwestDelta Air EuropeDelta Air PacificDelta AirwaysDelta Air SoutheastDelta Air SouthAsiaDelta AirSouthAsiaDelta AirwaysSouthAsiaAsiaDelta AirlinesSouth AsiaDelta Airways SouthwestDelta Air WestDelta AirlinesAsiaDelta SouthwestDelta United AirDelta AirWestDelta AirlinesWestJetBlue Delta AirlinesWestAirSouthDelta AirlinesEastwest Delta AirlinesEast AsiaDelta Southwest AirlinesEast Southwest AirlinesDelta WestDelta AirwaysWestJet BlueDelta AirlinesWesley ClarkDelta AirlinesEmpire AirlinesEmpower AirlinesEramosa AirlinesEcho AirlinesEvo Delta Delta AirlinesEverest Delta AirlinesEuropeAir Delta AirlinesEurostar Delta AirlinesEuropean Air Delta AirDelta AirlinesEurowest Delta AirwaysDelta AirwaysEuropeAir Southwest Delta AirlinesHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Delta AirlinesInternational Air Delta Southwest Delta SouthwestDelta International Southwest Delta Delta Delta International SouthwestDelta AsiaDelta Asia Delta Southwest AirlinesSouthwest AirlinesDelta Asia Southwest AirlinesDarden AirwaysDelta Southwest Delta Air EuropeWestJet AirlinesDelta Southwest Air Europe Delta Air West Delta AirWestJetDelta Southwest AirwaysDelta SoutheastDelta Southwest Southwest AirlinesUnited AirwaysDelta SouthAsia Delta Air Southeast Delta Air Southwest AirlinesJet Airlines Delta Southwest AirwaysWestDelta Southwest JetDelta Southwest InternationalDelta Southwest AsiaDelta Southeast Southwest AirlinesAir Canada Southwest Delta WestDelta Air WorldDelta Air CentralDelta AirlinesAeroplan Delta Delta Southwest Southwest Air AsiaWestJet Delta Southwest AirAsiaDelta Southeast Delta Southwest Asia Delta Southeast Southwest Asia Southwest Southwest Delta Asia Southwest Delta SkyWestJet United AirwaysDelta Airlines Southwest Air Southeast Southwest Air Southwest Air Northwest Delta Southwest International Delta Southwest WestDelta Sky Southwest InternationalWestJet InternationalDelta Airlines WestJetDelta Airlines InternationalDelta International Northwest Delta Airlines Delta Airlines WestDelta Southwest West Delta Southwest Northwest Delta Southeast Delta International Northwest Southwest Southwest Southwest SkySouthwest Southwest Southwest Southeast Southwest Southwest AsiaSkySouthwest SkySouthwestern SkySouthwardDelta DeltaDelta Delta Delta Air Delta International Delta Air Central Delta Air Northwest Southwest Delta International Sky Southwest Southwest InternationalSkySouthwestern Southwest Southwest East Delta Delta West Delta West AirlinesDelta SkySouthWest Southwest Southwest West Southwest Southwest Central Delta Southwest CentralDelta SkyWestDelta Delta SkySouthWestern Southwest Southwest SouthWest Southwest SoutheastDelta Sky WestDelta Delta Southwest SouthSkySouthWest SkySouth West Southwest Southeast Delta Southeast SkySouth Southwest Southwest United AirlinesSouthwestern Delta Southwest Southeast Southeast Southwest Sky Southwest South Southwest Southeast Sky Southwest Southeast WestDeltaSkySouth

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