FastMed urgent care cars, electric cars and gas stations available in Arizona

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The fast-track to buying a new car or a used car in Arizona may soon be open to the public.

The Arizona Department of Transportation announced Thursday it would start accepting applications for electric cars.

The agency’s website lists over 3,000 electric vehicles for sale, including a number of electric SUVs, compact cars and sport utility vehicles.

The electric vehicle program is part of the department’s efforts to encourage more use of electric vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions.

The goal is to reduce emissions from transportation and improve the reliability of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, said Todd Goss, director of the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Goss said there’s been a steady increase in electric vehicles since the federal Clean Air Act took effect in 1990.

The program allows anyone to purchase an electric vehicle if they have a valid driver’s license, state or federal registration card, and pay $10,000 for a registration sticker.

There are currently about 1,500 electric vehicles in operation in the state, and about a dozen are available for sale.

The first 200 people to apply will get a free registration sticker, Goss said.

A driver must have a current driver’s permit or license to purchase a car in the program.

The state has more than 7,000 registered electric vehicles on its roads.

The agency is working to make it more convenient for people to buy an electric car and register it.

The AP has contacted the Arizona Department in Washington, D.C., for more information on the new program.

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