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How to find the best car parts for your next purchase

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Ford and Chevrolet have just announced they will be making the same changes to their vehicle assembly lines in the US and Canada.

In an update to the 2016 model year Ford and Chevy announced their new manufacturing processes, which are expected to make parts from the two brands much more affordable.

The company will be using new “pre-fabricated” components in its new vehicles and a combination of the two will make parts that are less expensive than before.

The two automakers said they would be using the pre-fabrics to make the parts that will replace the older steel body panels.

Ford said it will be manufacturing “prefabricate parts” for the 2019 and 2020 Ford Fusion and the 2018 and 2019 Ford Focus, which will come with the new Fusion and Fusion Hybrid.

This means the parts will be made in an existing assembly line that was previously in use for Ford’s production of the F-150 pickup truck.

The change will bring the cost of making a Fusion and Focus parts down from $12,000 per vehicle to $9,000.

It’s a significant drop, considering Ford was making $21,000 a Fusion before the change.

Chevy said it would be making pre-Fabricated parts for the new Chevrolet Silverado and Silverado Hybrid.

These will be produced at a plant in South Carolina and the company said they will have to import parts to meet the new requirements.

While the new processes will make it more expensive for consumers to buy used cars in the U.S., the companies say they will provide a better return on their investment.

“These new manufacturing operations will provide the automotive industry with a more cost-effective solution to meet its increased production requirements, and they will also lower the cost and time to market for all of our customers,” said Bob Lutz, Ford and GM vice president and chief technology officer.

In 2018, Ford said it had spent $11 billion on its North American manufacturing operations.

That’s a 10 percent increase from $7 billion in 2015.

That includes the investment in a $5 billion plant in Michigan to make its EcoBoost engine.

Ford said the plant was supposed to be operational in 2018.

This time around, Ford will be producing parts for about two-thirds of its vehicle assembly plants worldwide.

Ford is also building a new $5.4 billion facility in Ohio that will make the EcoBoost engines used in its Focus Electric and Chevrolet Bolt EV vehicles.

That plant is expected to start production next year.

There’s a big gap between the price and quality of the parts Ford and the other automakers are making these days.

Ford’s Fusion and Ford Fusion Hybrid are among the most expensive vehicles in the industry.

The Fusion has a price tag of $51,000 for the base model, and it comes with a $15,000 monthly lease fee.

The other three vehicles cost $33,000, $35,000 and $35 and $39,000 respectively.

Ford also offers a $1,000 rebate for the purchase of its Fusion Hybrid and $1.50 rebate for its Fusion.

The Ford Fusion costs $51 per month.