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How to buy the most expensive car in Brazil

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Three months ago, it was a car that anyone could afford to own in Brazil.

Now, it is the most sought-after car in the country.

It all began with the release of the new Volkswagen Passat SUV in April of 2016.

It is the first car to be sold in Brazil since the country became a fully autonomous nation in 2014.

With the arrival of the Passat, Brazil became the first country in the world to get fully autonomous vehicles on the road.

As of September, there were approximately 3,000 vehicles on Brazil’s roads, according to the Ministry of Industry and Communications.

Brazil is one of the most-populated nations in the Western hemisphere and, according a 2015 survey, the average price of a car in this country is more than three times higher than in the United States.

The newest models, like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, are selling for around $80,000 in Brazil, and they are among the priciest cars in the city.

The new car is expected to have a fuel economy rating of 36.5 mpg.

It can reach a top speed of 155 kilometers per hour (100 mph) and has a range of more than 200 kilometers (125 miles).