Why are there so many deaths in Alberta?

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More than 100 people are expected to die in Alberta this weekend as emergency medical services try to revive hundreds of patients trapped in a flooded house, the first major incident of its kind in the province since the start of the Alberta floods.

The hospital in Beaumont is being used as a staging ground for a major rescue operation.

It will be staffed by a large number of people who will work on the ground, from rescue teams to the doctors who are expected at Beaumons morgue and medical tent.

The medical tent will be manned by paramedics and firefighters.

A helicopter will drop people off in an ambulance.

The emergency services are working under the assumption that the fire that began on Thursday is the cause of the deaths.

There are also concerns about an airbag deployment and the possibility of an inferno in the house, but the province is still waiting to find out how many people were trapped.

The fire started on a home at the corner of Waugh Street and Waugh Avenue in Beausoleil, west of Calgary.

The house was filled with water.

It took more than three days to extinguish the fire.

Alberta Health Services said it will likely be a week before the fire is contained.

More than 300 people are currently being treated for injuries from the fire, the Alberta Fire Marshal’s Office said.

It is still unclear how many of those people are in critical condition.

A large number are being treated at Beausodts hospital and there are more than 200 people who were treated in the Edmonton area for similar injuries.

The wildfire started in an old trailer park.

A family of four lives in the trailer.

It was destroyed by the blaze.