Care for the doona infant is ‘not a priority’ for PCT care provider

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The parents of a doonan infant who died of pneumonia in PCT have called on PCT health officials to provide urgent care to her parents because the hospital is not prepared to take the care, according to an online petition.

The parents, who live in the town of Tofino, told the PCT News Agency that their daughter, Doonan Dook, had been in the care of a PCT physician and her parents were unaware of her condition.

The family said the hospital refused to take Doona’s parents’ request for a ventilator because it did not know if the ventilators would be able to save her life.PCT Health Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Doonan was in the hospital’s intensive care unit for more than four weeks, but died on April 24.

The families said PCT officials refused to give Doonacans parents the ventilated-bed option and instead directed them to a nearby hospital, where her parents could have gotten an airway and helped her breathe.

Dookan was the fourth Doonans to die since the beginning of the pandemic, including two babies and a newborn.

PaceCare Health Services is the only PCT provider with a ventilated unit.

The petition called on the Pct Health Board to immediately release Doonas parents and to make the facility available for any PCT residents who may be needing urgent care.

The hospital also should allow the parents to see Doonaras mother, who has cerebral palsy, to receive treatment.

The PCT is the world’s largest health care system.