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Car insurance review finds a ‘serious problem’

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Car insurance is one of the top priorities for consumers looking to secure the best value for money.

But consumers can get frustrated when it comes to finding the right coverage, particularly when it’s the most popular product category.

A new review by the consumer group Choice has found that the top three most popular car insurance brands, Carstax, Hertz and Avis, have a “serious problem” with the type of coverage they offer.

The report says the industry needs to address the issue of high premiums for consumers in the most expensive car categories.

“The three companies that are most responsible for these premiums are all companies that make a huge percentage of their income from insurance,” said Choice Canada spokesperson, Stephanie Wilson.

“We want to see consumers get better value out of their car insurance.”

According to the Choice study, the three biggest categories for car insurance are:Personal Protection (PP) and Personal Property (PPP) insurance, Personal Property Protection (PPP) or Personal Property Coverage (PPPC), and the most commonly used car insurance brand, Avis.

“When consumers think about insurance, they think of car insurance,” Wilson said.

“And when you think about car insurance it’s a very big part of what people pay for.”

Avis has the most extensive network of car insurances in Canada.

That includes comprehensive coverage that covers the entire vehicle, including the windshield, door handles, door locks and trunk, as well as all major repairs and maintenance.

“It’s the vehicle that we’re going to drive,” said Avis spokesperson, Rachel Luebel.

“It’s our responsibility to ensure it meets the requirements of our insurance policies.

It’s the only vehicle we have.”

The report also found that while consumers are looking for lower premiums for their car policies, they’re getting them at the highest prices.

“Consumers are paying for car policies that are not the best products for their needs,” Wilson explained.

“They’re paying for policies that they’re not being fully satisfied with.

They’re paying a lot for policies they’re paying $5 or $10 more than they should be paying.”

Choices research found that consumers are paying a median of $2,000 for their insurance coverage.

The most expensive insurance brands were Hertz, Aves, and Cottages.

The lowest cost brands were Avis and Carstaqs.

“We know consumers are frustrated when they go to the insurance company to find out whether or not they’re being charged the right price,” Wilson continued.

“When you have the most common consumer product on the market, consumers are actually being charged more.

We’ve got to be able to get insurance prices down.”

Choice is asking consumers to contact the insurance companies and explain their concerns about the types of insurance they are paying.

“Insurers are the ones who are going to make decisions on the type and frequency of coverage that consumers will be able get,” Wilson added.

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