Nissan Car Auction in Melbourne gets another bid

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A car auction in Melbourne is set to get another bid for its owner, with a third bidder putting its bid price up by about $2,000.

Key points:Nissan Cars auction at the Adelaide and the Ballarat sites is the second for the Sydney-based carmakerThis is the third time Nissan Cars has sold off its inventoryThe bidding is currently open for five daysA bid has been put by a third party that claims it will make a $2.8m profitThe auction will take place at the former Sydney Airport property in the Balla neighborhood of the city on Saturday, the company said in a statement on Friday.

Nissan has sold all of its existing stock and has a backlog of vehicles.

It will auction off the remaining stock it has in the fleet, which is worth $30 billion.

This is a first for Nissan Cars.

In the past, bidding for its own vehicles has typically been done on the open market.

The company has previously auctioned off a $1.5 billion fleet of Nissan vehicles at a time when demand was strong, but the auction will be the company’s first for its current fleet of vehicles, which it acquired in 2007.

The bidding was made by a private company that has been involved in Nissan Cars since the company was founded in 1976.

The third bidder, which did not reveal the amount of money put up for sale, has put up about $1 million in a bid.

The auction is open for the five days until Friday.