‘It was a miracle’: Baby car seat saved a woman’s life after she crashed into it

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The baby seat that saved a young mother’s life when she crashed her car into it on the Queensland highway has been awarded a prestigious Queensland Museum of Natural History (MNH) Award.

The car seat’s owner, who is named in the news report as Mrs L, told the ABC she had a baby on the car seat when she got into the car.

“It was in the back seat, it wasn’t locked, so I grabbed the baby and got the baby out,” she said.

“Then I went back into the driveway and locked the doors and locked it again, and then I locked the baby’s seat.”

I knew the baby was safe in there.

I had the baby locked in there.

“But Mrs L’s child died within hours.

Her husband, who had been out of town for work, returned home and was later called by ambulance.

The baby’s mother, who has been described in the media as “incredibly lucky” to survive, had a history of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).”

I was on my way home when I was hit and I just started screaming,” she told the media.”

All I could do was scream for my husband to come home, but he was already gone.

“He was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t see me, and he was just driving through the city.”

She told reporters she had to push the baby off the seat and pull it out of the car’s seat, while the seat was still locked.

“My husband grabbed the child and I had to do it all by myself, I just had to hold it, push it and pull out the seat,” she added.

Mrs L, who said she would never drive again after the accident, said she was so happy with the award that she has now been able to retire from driving.

“Now I can go back to being a mum,” she shared.

The award is for a service provided by the MNH to the community, and is awarded every two years.

“This award recognises the efforts made by our members to make sure their communities are safe and secure in the face of a significant threat,” the award’s website reads.

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