‘Aurora Health Care’ on its way to Seattle: What you need to know

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The car wash is one of many Seattle-area health care facilities that are offering emergency care and care to patients who need it.

The hospital is among several facilities offering emergency services and care for patients who are homeless or in crisis.

The Aurora Health Care building is seen at its entrance on July 17, 2017, in Aurora, Colorado.

(Photo: Chris Pizzello, AP)The emergency services are part of a new effort by Aurora Health to offer emergency care to homeless people in the area, said the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Michael O’Donnell.

The hospital is one such facility in the Seattle area.

Aurora Health offers 24-hour care to its patients at three locations.

In Aurora, emergency services will be onsite 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I’ve been working with the Seattle Public Health Department to set up a 24-hr emergency service and to work with our medical staff and our emergency physicians to get the services up and running,” O’Connell said.

The program is part of Aurora Health’s “Auroral Health Care Initiative,” which is the brainchild of Mayor Ed Murray.

Murray said the city is partnering with Aurora to help provide a “more compassionate and humane” emergency response for homeless people.

The Seattle Public Safety Department also is working with Aurora Health and Seattle City Light to expand the 24-Hour Emergency Service to include homeless people with mental health issues, Murray said.

Seattle’s homeless population has doubled since 2000.

Seattle is now home to more than 11,000 homeless people, according to a city-funded study.

O’Donnell said the Aurora Health care program has received more than $50 million in federal funding and has expanded the emergency services to the city.

Oddly, the Aurora health care center was not included in the federal grant program to provide the emergency care.

O’Brien said the program was part of an overall plan to create a new homeless health care option in Seattle.

Odds are good that the Aurora care center will be one of the first places in the city to offer immediate emergency services.

The facility is a new building that opened in September.

Overnight services at the Aurora facility have been running since last weekend, with most of the emergency patients being housed overnight in a room at the building.

The beds have been turned into sleeping quarters and the patients have been able to access basic necessities such as food and water.

O’don said the emergency room at Aurora is open 24 hours.

The ER also has been open 24-hours a day.

O’vere been running emergency care services in Seattle since 2015, and the program has increased dramatically, O’Donnell said.

O’ll be able to help patients in crisis, O’don noted.

Patients are able to see a physician and receive treatment.

The health care facility offers the services to anyone who needs it, Oddon said.

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