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Why Expedia Car Rental Doesn’t Need to Cost You $200 a Day

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Expedia, the world’s largest travel company, says it’s going to charge people $200 for a car rental on its website.

The company says the cost will be lower if you’re in a large city.

The move is the latest in a string of changes to the company’s rental business.

Expedia said in December that it would allow drivers to rent cars for free on its site, which would also be the first company to do so since Lyft in November.

Expanded car rentals have become increasingly popular as people look to save on gas and other costs, and the company has been working on ways to make them more convenient.

In April, the company announced it would give customers the option of purchasing a car directly from the company, instead of buying a car through an agency like Hertz or Car2Go.

Expansive options Expedia says the new policy will allow people to rent their cars at $200 to $250 per day, which it says will be a “much lower” cost than $200 and $250 charged by many companies.

It also says Expedia is the first large company to offer this feature, but it hasn’t announced pricing yet.

Expanding the program to allow people in cities with fewer than 500,000 people is another step toward offering car rentals for free.

Expensives like Expedia’s move are a trend in the industry, and some companies are already offering a similar service.

A handful of companies, including Uber and Lyft, offer a variety of car rentals, which are typically priced at between $150 and $200 per person per day.

Expensive car rentals are an especially big problem for consumers, who tend to use them for more than one trip and don’t often travel long distances.

Expenses for renting a car can range from a $1,200 deposit to an additional $2,500 in rental fees.

Expeditions CEO Joe Sullivan said that he doesn’t think it’s the end of Expedia car rentals.

Sullivan said the company is continuing to work on how to offer car rentals at a lower cost for its users.

“This is an effort to make sure that people have a better experience when they come to Expedia,” he said in an interview.

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