Car rental firm has ‘no plans’ to leave US

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Car rental company Luxury Rentals, a luxury car rental company based in San Francisco, is moving its US headquarters to Australia.

Luxury Car Rental said it is closing its San Francisco offices in February 2019, and is relocating its US operations to Sydney.

Advertisement The company said the move will help the company better align its brand and focus on the US market.

“We have been working with our existing Australian and New Zealand customers and are committed to providing them with a more competitive rental experience across our entire portfolio,” Luxury Rental CEO Tim Gough said in a statement.

Luxurious Car Rentals said it will remain in the US for the foreseeable future, but will be closing all its offices in San Jose, Santa Clara, Oakland and Palo Alto.

The company did not specify a time frame for the relocation.

Luxuries Rentals said the relocation will not affect the company’s business in the United States.

It has a total of 1,000 employees, but employs less than 20 in San Mateo, California.

Luxurus Rental, a leading car rental and rental agency, also announced it will close its San Jose office and its San Diego and Las Vegas locations.

The San Francisco office will be closed for at least two years, and Luxurus will relocate to a new building in Oakland.

Luxurs Rental did not disclose a reason for the move.

The firm said it had a “strong relationship” with its US clients.

Luxuri, a property management firm, announced in February it would relocate its San Mateos office to Los Angeles, where it will be based.

Luxurias San Francisco and San Diego offices will remain open.

It said it has plans to open an office in the future in New York.

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