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CAR inspection shows car in ‘good condition’

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CAR inspection found the Toyota Yaris in “good condition,” but the automaker was able to “refine” the vehicle, and it’s now on the road again.

The automaker’s Yaris was inspected last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in California and was sent to a mechanic for further inspection.

That inspection found no issues, according to a statement from Toyota.

“The Yaris that were inspected and the inspection report did not contain any significant defects that would prevent the vehicle from being sold,” the statement said.

The inspection report also said the vehicle’s interior had no defects that could potentially affect its performance.

The automaker has said the Yaris will be sold with the car’s owner as a driver, and that the car will be inspected by another company before it can be sold.

It’s unclear when Toyota will begin selling the Yari, which is the automakers first production car.

The company is expected to make the Yaro sedan and convertible later this year, which would give the car a longer production run.

The Yaro, which was announced back in 2016, is a sedan, convertible, crossover, SUV and a hatchback, according the company.

It will be made by the YAC, a unit of Toyota Motor Corp., in Japan.

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