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How Toyota is going after luxury car sales and selling luxury cars on the cheap: Axios

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In the luxury car space, Toyota is not doing well.

The automaker is down more than 40% in the last year as its luxury brands lose ground to its newer competitors.

The company is also facing stiff competition from Chinese automakers, including the luxury brand ZTE, which announced its new flagship car, the ZX-10R, in early March.

Toyota is now looking to capitalize on this trend by selling luxury vehicles on the market.

The strategy is being driven by a new partnership with the luxury automotive brand Lexus.

Lexus is selling luxury Lexus vehicles on Lexus websites and through Lexus’ online store, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is the first time that luxury vehicles will be sold on Lexuses own website.

It’s a smart move, said Richard Wirth, a senior analyst at research firm Gartner.

Wirth noted that luxury brands have always sold cars on Lexis sites, but they usually were limited to limited editions.

That has changed in recent years.

Now luxury cars can be bought in all models, including models with Lexus as the sole manufacturer.

It also allows Lexus to offer models with its own branding.

In the past, luxury brands could only offer models in a limited number of colors.

“They’re now able to offer them in all the colors,” Wirth said.

Lexuses chief executive officer Kazuhiro Tsutsumi said in a statement that the partnership is “a very important step forward.”

Toyota will offer a range of luxury vehicles for sale in the U.S. on its online store starting April 9.

The new Lexus luxury cars will be available for $1,900.

The luxury vehicles can also be leased through Toyota’s online store.

Toyota, like many luxury brands, is also developing luxury vehicles.

Earlier this year, Toyota said it was developing a new SUV.

It said it is developing the SUVs and SUVs with a longer wheelbase, and that it would offer a longer range.

It was also developing a small crossover SUV, but it said that that would not be available until 2021.

Toyota has also developed a smaller crossover SUV and a small SUV that can be driven by four people.

Its SUVs have also been available in limited numbers in Japan, where the company has no luxury brands.

Toyota also plans to make some changes to its lineup.

Its midsize sedan, the X, will get a larger body, and its midsize crossover SUV will get more space for the driver.

It will also offer a more spacious and luxurious interior.

Its premium luxury hatchback, the C-Class, will have a more upscale interior.

Toyota will also sell a luxury electric vehicle called the XSE, which will be offered with a plug-in hybrid battery.

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