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When Facebook bought Cara Cara: ‘We’ve got a whole bunch of amazing cars’

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Cara, an Australian fashion brand founded by fashion designer Cara Delevingne, has been acquired by Facebook.

Facebook announced the acquisition on Tuesday, saying it had acquired the fashion brand to enhance its business, “especially with the ever-changing landscape of brands.”

The move is a coup for Facebook, which has struggled to find its feet as an advertiser and brand in the United States and the rest of the world.

The move to acquire Cara also comes a week after the company announced it would be buying a majority stake in the online social media platform Snapchat, which will provide a platform for advertisers.

The news comes amid Facebook’s efforts to expand into new markets, such as China, where the company has struggled with the emergence of mobile-first platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Cara has struggled in recent years, and its brand has not been able to attract attention as much as its rival Instagram.

Facebook has long been trying to attract new brands to its platform, particularly fashion brands, which are seen as a way for brands to connect with customers.

The company also is seeking to diversify its offerings, and Cara will help Facebook do that.

Facebook, Facebook’s parent company, owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Camera, and WhatsApp Music.

Caramagical Instagram Caramatic Instagram, the mobile photo app that has a loyal following of fans, has seen a recent drop in sales.

Instagram CEO Emil Michael told Bloomberg that Caramatics sales fell for the third consecutive quarter in February, which was a result of a surge in new users who are turning to the app for content and photos.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he said that the app has struggled since its launch in 2016.

Michael said that Cara’s sales are not a reflection of the brand’s growth, saying that it is “still the brand that we built in 2015 and that has been around since 2014.”

Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, has more than 200 million monthly active users, according to data from comScore.

Instagram has struggled for years to compete with the likes of Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

It is unclear whether Cara or Facebook will continue to be the dominant social media app.

Snapchat and Instagram share similar revenue structures, with Instagram making money from ads and ads revenue while Snapchat makes money from mobile ad revenue.

Snapchat’s revenue has also been increasing at an exponential rate in recent months.

Instagram was founded in 2015, and is now worth $18 billion.

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