Lotus car wash: $30,000 for a Nissan Leaf?

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A Nissan Leaf, a luxury electric car that has recently entered the market, is priced at $30 a pop and is now making waves with the public in the US.

But for some in the UK, there is no such luxury.

And that’s because Nissan is selling a Lotus carwash to rent out to people who have already purchased their cars, or simply don’t want to pay much more.

Lotus, which is based in Britain, says it’s offering the luxury of a Nissan LEAF for only $30 per day, as long as you agree to pay the equivalent of $50 for a used car.

The company has already been criticised for charging these prices for luxury goods, such as a car wash or a massage.

But Lotus has responded by saying it’s a business and the price of the car is just one of many factors involved.

“The price of a car varies with the condition of the vehicle, as does the availability of parts and services, including vehicle maintenance,” it said in a statement.

Lotis car wash is available in both London and Birmingham.

Its business model has been criticised by many in the luxury car industry, as well as some in Britain who have called for the company to pay more for cars.

“We know that luxury cars have become so important to many people that they’ve become an essential part of their lifestyle,” the company said.

“Many people feel that luxury is not the best use of their time, energy and money, so Lotus has taken a different approach to the market.”

Instead of charging for luxury, Lotus will be providing a free car wash for people who can’t afford a car, to give them the chance to relax and enjoy the luxury that a car can bring.

“Lotus carwash manager, Matthew Hockley, said the car was a great opportunity for people to experience what luxury is all about, and how easy it is to get a good price.”

I think it’s great to have the option to rent a car from Lotus, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing what we can do with it,” he said.

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