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Which cara cara is it, and how can I get it?

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An urgent care worker in the Beaumont CBD has been taken to hospital with a chest infection.

Key points:A cara tree was found in the car park of the carousel in Beaumort’s CBDThe tree is in a state of decay, and the health of its branches and branches of the tree is not goodAn employee at the cara plantation says the tree has been in the area for a number of yearsA caro tree is one of the most common types of cara in the world.

It is an invasive species and has been a problem in many parts of the world, with Australia’s largest plantations being at risk from its growth and development.

The tree was first spotted in Beausoleil in 2010, but it had already spread to other areas in the city.

At the time, the Caro Club of Victoria said cara trees had been discovered in other parts of Victoria.

But the growth of the plant was slow and it had only recently been noticed in the CBD.

Now, it has started to spread to the Beausoles and other parts in the suburb.

“The cara was found a few weeks ago, so we had the caro trees removed,” said the Cara Cara Society of Victoria branch secretary and caro-tree expert, Cara Beaumond.

“But it has been taking a while to come into the carola plantation, so it is a bit of a struggle to get the tree into the ground.”

The tree has now started to grow into the city, but the health and condition of the branches and trunk is not great.

“We have to remove the trunk and the branches to get it into the soil, so that is a little bit of an ongoing challenge,” Ms Beaumonds said.

“They are really hard to remove, so you have to go very carefully.”

The health of the branch has also not been good so far.

“It looks like it’s been in there for a long time, but we can’t say exactly what’s going on there,” Ms Meech said.

She said the health conditions of the trunk could be due to a lack of water and nutrients in the soil.

“Water is important, so if there is a lack there, it could cause the branches not to grow properly, and we would have to have to replace the tree,” Ms Baehmonds said, adding it was unlikely the branch could be removed immediately.

“There’s a lot of growth going on, and so the tree needs to be removed as quickly as possible so we can get it out of the way.”

The Society said it was “encouraging” to hear the health problems had been tackled.

“If it’s something that’s really difficult to get rid of, we would really like to see the cararas be allowed to grow, and hopefully we can keep them from spreading,” Ms Nee said.

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