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How to use an AFDC calculator to save for college and grad school

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Carla Dune, the co-host of the popular show “Carly Foulkes” on ESPN and host of the ABC show “The Affair,” is using an online calculator to calculate the cost of attending college.

In an episode from February 2018, Dune explained how she and her co-star Carly foulke had the chance to go to college at a community college in California and ultimately graduate with a degree in finance.

Dune explained that the program she attended cost $1,000 a semester, and she and foulke went on to enroll in a finance degree program at the University of California, Berkeley.

“After three semesters, they finally took us in for a medical review, which we didn’t know if we’d be able to pay,” Dune said in the episode.

“We finally ended up getting a letter from a school with an AFD in their name.”

Dune’s co-stars Carly Faurys, who is a medical professional, and Carly Fey also said they had the opportunity to go into finance school at Berkeley.

They also went to college with Dune.DUNE: We were able to go in with $1K, $1.2K, maybe $1 million to go through medical school, but the AFD, we didn [also] have the opportunity for it to be in our name, which was nice.CARLY FAYS: We definitely went to school with the money.

And you know, we actually kind of feel like we didn�t do a good enough job with that.

So we were able, you know?

The experience we had there, we definitely did not do a great job with it.