You can get your car care at a beauty salon in just a few minutes!

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A few years ago, I was traveling with my boyfriend, Ryan, and my mom, Tracey.

We had planned to go to a beauty shop in our hometown of Chicago to pick up a few new makeup products.

We decided to try a spa for the first time in Chicago, a few blocks from our house.

After getting my first spa treatment, we were completely hooked!

It was amazing to feel completely natural, to feel clean and fresh, and to feel free from all the toxins in our homes. 

We decided to stop in every month or so to go see a new spa.

Each visit was amazing, but we had so many amazing things to do. 

For one of our visits, we went to a boutique owned by an Indian lady named Lali, who told us to dress for a spa, and that the spa would treat you with care and dignity. 

During our visit, she gave us a spa pass, which we could use to go into the spa. 

She also told us that she’d give us free spa treatment if we wanted to come to her. 

The spa treatment lasted for a week. 

It was a great experience, and we were happy to go back every month. 

Then, one day, we found out that Lali was actually a scammer. 

A few months later, she told us she had a new company called Lali Spa, and she was selling her services to people who needed them. 

At first, we didn’t believe her.

She seemed like someone who was really passionate about helping people. 

But as the months went by, we began to see that she was lying. 

Over time, I learned that she sold her services for thousands of dollars, then billed the people who bought her spa treatments for thousands more. 

In fact, she claimed that she had never even met Lali in person, let alone worked with her.

When we learned about her scam, we decided to call her to get some answers. 

As we spoke with Lali and her sister, we realized that Lari was trying to make money from us and others who bought spa treatments. 

This is what we learned: She’d charge a flat fee, usually $60, for the spa treatments she gave away. 

Each spa session was billed as a one-time payment. 

If you paid for the entire spa, you’d be charged $300. 

After the first spa session, Lali would charge you a $100 fee for the rest of the sessions. 

There were also fees to cover the spa’s rent and other costs, and if you had to pay the bills, you would be charged a $5 penalty fee. 

Lali would even tell us that after you paid, you could use her spa products, but if you didn’t, you were obligated to pay her a $20 fee for each month of your spa visits. 

On the second and third spa visits, Lari would charge $400 for each spa session. 

 She would also tell us, “We’ll help you pay the rest after you get your spa treatments.” 

Lari also claimed that her clients would get full refunds if they didn’t pay for the services. 

That didn’t happen. 

Instead, her customers would be responsible for paying their bills for months or even years, which meant that even if they couldn’t pay, they were responsible for any lost money. 

So what happened? 

Lili’s company was caught scamming thousands of people.

They’d charged thousands of customers for spa treatments and then pocketed the money for themselves. 

Eventually, Lili’s scam went global, and hundreds of people were paying thousands of extra dollars to get free spa treatments at Lali’s spa.

When the people discovered that Lili was scamming them, many of them contacted me. 

I contacted Lali for answers, but she wouldn’t answer my questions. 

Finally, I contacted the California Attorney General, who sued Lali on behalf of Lali. 

Although the case went to trial, Loli’s attorney had a change of heart, and Lali agreed to pay $15,000 to the California attorney general, as part of a settlement. 

Now, Lilya has agreed to stop scamming people, and I want to give you some tips to make sure you get the spa treatment you need. 


Be honest with Lili The first thing you need to do is tell Lali that you want a spa treatment. 

Don’t tell her you don’t want to go, or that you don://t want to pay. 

Tell her that you need a spa.

If she doesn’t know, she can’t tell you. 


Don’t expect anything in return It’s okay if she doesn://t respond to your emails or phone calls.

You can also call and leave a message for her,

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