Which is better: the Ford Fusion or the Chevrolet Bolt?

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Chevrolet’s Fusion is a hybrid with a lot of power, but it’s not as quick as it should be.

Read more about that in the first part of our comparison between the two.

The Bolt is a new concept vehicle that, in the words of its website, will “revolutionize the way we buy, drive, and live.”

The Bolt will get a full lineup of new technologies, including a new electric motor, electric drivetrain, and electric powertrain.

The Fusion is the closest thing we have to a hybrid, with a more powerful electric motor and a new design that’s designed to better balance the fuel economy and the fuel-efficiency of the two cars.

But, as is the case with most hybrids, the Bolt is the better choice for the city and on the highway.

It has a bigger battery, better torque, and an electric motor that’s capable of handling higher-power electric powertrains like the Bolt’s.

The Bolt also has a larger battery and better torque than the Fusion, and it’s a bit faster, too.

We’ll compare the Fusion and Bolt, and you can check out our full review here.

But it’s the Bolt that comes with a new battery pack.

It’s a 25-mile range, and while that’s more than a little more than the 32 miles of the Fusion’s battery, the larger capacity allows for a little better range-to-weight ratio.

(It also has lower fuel economy, but you can tell by the Volt’s price.)

The Fusion battery pack can hold up to 500 miles of continuous driving.

The battery pack on the Bolt weighs in at 300 pounds, so the Bolt gets the most from the larger battery.

But it also comes with higher maintenance costs.

If you’re a regular user of your car, you’ll want to go for the Fusion.

But you’ll also want to look for a brand that has a great price, such as Chevrolet.

The Fusion is on sale right now for $69,500.

And the Bolt has a $55,000 price tag, which is more than enough to buy both.

The best battery for the Bolt will be the one that comes in the Fusion model, and that’s the new 35-kWh version that Chevrolet has announced.

The 35 kWh version has a lower cost per kWh, and because it’s available now, it will be cheaper to buy later in the year.

The new 35 kWh Fusion has a better range, more torque, better fuel economy overall, and the ability to get the most out of its battery over time.

The Volt battery pack will cost $57,000.

If you’re buying a Fusion, you’re going to want to buy the 35 kWh one.

The other options are the 25 kWh Fusion and the 20 kWh Fusion.

Both of these packs have the same specs, and they have the exact same price.

And if you’re looking to buy a Chevy Bolt, you can buy both of them.

If, however, you need to get into the Fusion or Bolt, there’s another option.

The 32-kW Fusion comes with an extra-long electric motor with an 8kW motor for more torque.

This motor is designed for a bigger range, better efficiency, and longer range.

It also has better fuel-economy, and a better battery than the 35-hWh Fusion.

The 32-KW Fusion has an additional 10kW in the middle of the battery.

The extra-short motor gives you more torque to the rear wheels, and this extra-large motor is a bit larger than the motor on the 35KW version of the Tesla.

If this motor is the one you’re after, the 32-kw Fusion will cost you $50,000 more.

The 35-kw version of this car is the most expensive option.

But the extra-wide electric motor will allow you to use the bigger battery pack, while still getting more range.

You’ll also have the best of both worlds when it comes to maintenance.

The 65 kWh model has a higher cost per mile, and will have the better range of the bigger Fusion.

The larger battery pack and higher torque means that you’ll get more range than you would with the 32 kWh version of either vehicle.

And you’ll need a lower-mileage model to get this higher range.

The 34 kWh Fusion will only be available in the states of Texas, California, and New York.

It will be available for $60,000 and will come with an additional $1,000 maintenance charge.

The 33 kWh version will only come in California, but will cost just $59,000, and comes with $1-2,000 of additional maintenance.

Both the 35 and 35K versions will cost around $80,000 if you want to get them both.

In general, we think that a car should be a hybrid between the Fusion/Model S and the Bolt, but we don’t know if the new Fusion is going to be better

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