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What’s Next for Apple?

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By Nick DeardenAssociated PressPublished June 11, 2020 12:00:42Apple has announced it is shutting down all of its AppleCare retail stores and its online store after a mass of reports of the company’s battery issues.

The company is saying that customers who have purchased iPhones with an AppleCare warranty will receive a replacement device at no charge.

The AppleCare store in New York City has closed and the company is now selling AppleCare products in the Apple Store in California.

It will also be discontinuing its online retail store and will sell all of the devices at the Apple store in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A source with knowledge of the Apple decision told Reuters that the company has decided to shut down the AppleCare program because it has been experiencing problems with its battery and has to cancel some of its iPhone orders.

AppleInsider previously reported that Apple was planning to close the Apple Care program and discontinue its iPhone purchases, but that the plans have since changed.

AppleCare is the company-operated program that covers all Apple products including the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac computers.

AppleInsider reported that the first wave of customers that received a replacement iPhone, AppleCare Plus, or AppleCare X were notified that the battery issue was an issue that needed to be resolved.

The AppleCare replacement program began last fall, and it has now been in use for two years, with about 4 million customers in the U.S.

It is unclear how many of those customers have been able to receive a new iPhone or whether AppleCare will continue to be available for some time.

The retail stores will be closed for at least two weeks, and the online Apple Store will be taken offline for at most two weeks.

In a statement on Twitter, Apple said the company would continue to work with its customers to get all of their orders delivered on time.

AppleCare will be available to AppleCare customers starting July 11 and will be offered at no cost through Apple Stores in California and New York.

Apple will continue working with customers to resolve issues with their AppleCare accounts, the company said in the statement.

Apple is offering a free AppleCare membership through the Apple online store and its iPhone service in the United States, as well as a free iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Apple has said that it will offer the Apple Wireless Charging Kit at no additional cost to all customers who buy an iPhone or iPad with an authorized AppleCare Wireless Charger.