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When it comes to car insurance, Ford doesn’t pay much attention

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By ESPN Staff WriterIt’s a good thing Ford is one of the biggest car insurance companies.

It means it can save a lot of money, and it also means it has the right to keep the profits for itself.

But the automaker has long struggled to keep its profits and pay its drivers.

Ford’s drivers are among the most poorly paid in the industry, and the company has faced criticism from the U.S. government for the lack of oversight of the industry.

So Ford has taken a step back in recent years, and its drivers have gotten the short end of the stick.

Now, Ford is stepping up to the plate and trying to fix the problem.

The auto industry’s chief financial officer, Richard Anderson, told analysts in a conference call Thursday that Ford is making a strategic change to its auto insurance business.

“We are not going to pay drivers more than what they would be paid on the other major insurance providers, such as AAA and AIG,” he said.

“And we’re not going do that with other auto insurers.”

While Ford has been making changes to its insurance business in recent months, Anderson said the change to the auto insurance sector is its most significant change in the last five years.

“The change is that we are taking a proactive approach to the way we do business,” he told analysts.

“We’re taking our insurance business more seriously than other companies,” Anderson added.

“So we’re increasing our coverage of the full car, and we’re also expanding our coverage to other types of vehicles.

We’re making sure we’re doing that to our auto insurance.”

The plan is that Ford will increase its coverage for a wider variety of vehicles than it currently does, including all-electric cars, pickup trucks, and vans.

“There will be a new level of coverage that’s going to be very significant,” Anderson said.

The shift will help Ford make more money from the car insurance business, which is one reason why the company is raising prices for drivers and increasing the minimum payout it offers to drivers.

But it’s not the only reason Ford is changing its insurance strategy.

In April, Ford announced it was selling its entire fleet of cars.

Ford is the only major automaker to do so, which makes the move somewhat ironic considering it once owned a significant portion of the auto industry.

In 2015, Ford paid out nearly $100 billion in auto insurance premiums, which was a record for the company.

That year, the automakers most expensive car was the F-150 pickup truck, which cost $28,939, a price tag that was nearly $40,000 per vehicle.

That same year, Ford was responsible for more than 80% of the total auto insurance costs for the United States.

But in the first half of 2016, the company cut back on its insurance coverage to its full fleet, as it has since then.

The company said it would save more than $20 billion by 2018, but the company said that the savings were not enough to offset its $2.5 billion in losses in the third quarter of 2016.

That has forced Ford to raise prices for its drivers, who are among its most expensive customers.