How to book a car rental from Jerusalem’s Turo car dealership

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The Turo Car rental company, which has branches in several countries including Russia, Australia, Italy and the US, has announced it will open up shop in the heart of Jerusalem, a popular spot for tourists.

The company, based in the Old City, is offering to rent cars for a price of R50,000 (about US$18,600) for a three-day trip.

The car rental service is a joint venture between the Turo and the Jerusalem-based auto rental firm B2.

It is the first time in Israel that a car dealership has opened in the country.

The Jerusalem-born company, founded in 2011, is owned by a German family and has two branches in Israel.

It has more than 40 branches in over 80 countries.

The Turo has a fleet of over 100 cars and operates two fleet cars, a rental car and a car for hire.

It says that it is the only car rental company in Israel offering private car rental services in the city.

Turo said it plans to open its first branch in Jerusalem on Wednesday, with plans to extend the service to other parts of the country in the future.

Its founder and CEO, Thomas Gierl, told the Jerusalem Post that it will be a first for Jerusalem.

He said that the Turturo has opened branches in the United States and Canada.

Gierd said the company plans to hire over 10,000 Israelis in the coming years, many of whom will be working in technology and science fields.

He said the team plans to have its first car available in 2020.

The cars will be leased by the customer at the end of the rental period, and then returned to the Tustro.

Turtro also has a network of offices across Europe, and it has an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to open a car storage facility.

Giersl said the Türtos plan is to expand the business in the capital.

A Turo representative said the car rental business was born out of the desire to make the trip to Jerusalem as cheap as possible, and the company’s decision to open in the centre of the city will help in this goal.

“We see this as a very important opportunity for Jerusalem and the region.

We have been here for more than 25 years, and this is the most significant development we have ever seen,” said Turo CEO Thomas Giersd.

Türk, the German word for turture, means “white” in German.

The company’s logo features a car with the words “Raket” and “Turo” written on the side.TURK was founded in 2014, and is based in Germany and Austria.

It operates its business in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.