How to Find the Best New Cars for New Owners

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We all want to own a new car, but are there better deals on new cars than the ones we find online?

We want the best value, but we also want the most performance.

The same is true of the new car market.

It’s about the money, so why not find a great deal that’s competitive at every price point?

We asked experts on all aspects of the car industry to give us the best deals on the best new cars available.1.

Car Shop: $5,500 to $6,000 2.

Home Depot: $3,000 to $4,000 3.

Walmart: $1,000 or more 4.

Amazon: $500 or more 5.

Kia: $200 or more 6.

Target: $100 or more 7.

Kmart: Free or $400 8.

Visa: Free 9.

Kohl’s: Free 10.CVS: Free 11.

Macy’s: $40 or more 12.

Kraft: $25 or more 13.

Walgreens: Free 14.

Dollar General: $30 or more 15.

Amazon Prime: $60 or more 16.

Target Cash Back: $50 or more 17.

Citi: Free 18.

T-Mobile: $35 or more 19.

Lacoste: Free 20.

HomeDepot: Free 21.

Dyson: Free 22.

HomeGoods: Free 23.

Best Buy: Free 24.

Kobo: Free 25.

WalMart: Free 26.

Korean Express: Free 27.

Walgreens: $75 or more 28. Free 29.

Bareburger: Free 30.

Dillard’s: Home Delivery 31.

Doritos: Free 32.JCPenney: Free 33.

HomeAway: Free 34.

Waffle House: Free 35.

Bagel King: Free 36.

Best Value: Free 37.

Target (via Target): Free 38.

Hobby Lobby: Free 39.

Hutchinson’s: Discounted price or more 40.

Sainsbury’s: Offer up to 20% discount 41.

Target Home Rewards: $10 discount or more 42.

Target Credit Card: $20 or more 43.

Kendall’s: Savings up to $5 off $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000, $20K, $30K, and $40K purchases 44.

Kohls: $2 off $10 purchases 45.

Dell: Free up to 10% off items up to a maximum of $50 46.MGM: Free savings up to 5% off 47.

Hollister: Free 48.

Bargains: Free coupons on $100+ items 49.

Coca-Cola: Free gift card 50.

Bath & Body Works: Free Bath and Body Works gift cards 51.

Duke: Free shampoo, conditioner, and conditioner 52.

Toys R Us: Free toy sets 53.

Target Best Buy: Up to 10 free toys 54.

HomeMax: Up $100 off select products 55.

Cigna: Free gas up to an additional $3 56.

Jiffy Lube: Free cleaning products 57.

Cocoa-Cola Super Classic: Up-to-15% discount on select items 58.

Amazon (via Amazon): Free up-to $50 off select items 59.

Casa Bien: Free grocery items 60.

Dylan Group: Free shipping, pickup, and delivery 61.

Wal-Mart: Up To 25% discount in some cases 62.

Target,, and Walmart: Up 30% in some areas 63.

Target Card: Up up to 30% discount 64.

HomeTown Cellular: Free phone service with Prime membership 65.

Dow Jones: Up 15% in select areas 66.

Hilton Head: Free hotel room rental 67.

Sprint: Free in-store pick up, $15 gift card, or $20 credit card 68.

Chase Bank: Up 20% in certain areas 69.

Target Pay: Free on select purchases 70.

H&M: Free baggies and other merchandise 71.

Target and Walgreens Cashback: Free shopping spree with Target Cashback 72.

Target Store Credit Card (via Visa): Up to $10 cash back 73.

Walmarts: Up 25% in most states 74.

Best Western: Up 50% in the U.S. 75.

Target Plus: Free delivery 76.

Walbro: Free return gift 77.

Target Express: Up 40% in all states 78.TGI Fridays: Up 5% in many states 79.

LuxuryHome Furnishings: Up 4% in several states 80.

Lifetime Fitness: Up 1% in California 81.

Lifestyles for Life: Up 2% in

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